The Smartpallet is a standard shipping container consisting of a Euro-pallet (EPAL) and a 90 cm high sealable cardboard box. You can assemble the contents of the Smartpallet according to your needs with the help of a graphic simulator that shows you how full the box is.

What are the advantages of the Smartpallet?

The Smartpallet allows you to benefit from several advantages:

  1. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and receive your order exactly where you need it
  2. Optimise your purchases in terms of quantity and quality: you only buy what you want, with no minimum spending limits.
  3. Avoid unnecessary stock. Purchase what you need in a cyclical manner.

How does the Smartpallet work?

Register on the site and log in to view prices.

Check how full your Smartpallet is: add products to your basket and the icon in the top right-hand corner will show you the percentage of space occupied on the pallet.

Proceed to check-out: before concluding your order, we will show you the total cost, including the shipping costs calculated automatically for your country.

Watch the how the Smartpallet is made

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