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Rosso Fine Food is the right place for you!

Over 2,500 items divided into high quality food and beverages!

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Quick and easy purchase directly via PC or smartphone!

We supply businesses all over Europe with food products!

We sell wholesale food and beverages for restaurants and grocery shops and are an excellent Cash & Carry alternative!

From us you can buy high quality Italian food and beverages by selecting your products without a minimum quantity!

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How will you receive your products?
Through the exclusive Smartpallet formula!
What is the Smartpallet?

The Smartpallet is a standard shipping container consisting of a Euro-pallet (EPAL) and a 80 cm high sealable cardboard box. 

You can assemble the contents of the Smartpallet according to your needs with the help of a graphic simulator that shows you how full the box is.

How does the Smartpallet work?

Register on the site and log in to view prices. 

Check how full your Smartpallet is: add products to your basket and the icon in the top right-hand corner will show you the percentage of space occupied on the pallet.

Proceed to check-out: before concluding your order, we will show you the total cost, including the shipping costs calculated automatically for your country.

Watch the how the Smartpallet is made!

About us

Discover our project created to export Made In Italy products

ROSSOFINEFOOD.COM is an online shop aimed at B2B food and beverage professionals looking for high quality Italian products. Our operational offices are at Cantina Zaccagnini in Bolognano (PE) - Italy.

Our customer care team responds in Italian, English and German.

Italian food company promotes Italian gastronomy to the world through

Committed to bringing Italian gastronomy to consumers around the world, the company offers a selection of homegrown food products including pastas, olive oil, coffee and snacks.

The company’s sales were initially limited to the European market. After joining and, leveraging the platform’s services and marketing tools, it has expanded its business to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Contact us at the following address:

Phone and WhatsApp +39 348 547263

What are the benefits of our marketplace?

Here are some of the reasons why restaurateurs buy from us
  • Our company specialises in the supply of food and beverages for restaurants and delicatessen shops. We are the perfect alternative to cash & carry. We operate in the foodservice sector, giving you the free choice of purchasing products at retail or in large quantities. All this through a simple online shop. 

  • We are a first-class wholesale food distributor, specialising in providing our customers with only the highest quality Italian and international products at competitive prices. 

  • We select natural and organic foods, food supplies for restaurants and small retailers. Our products come from some of the best suppliers in Italy who have been in business for many years. 

  • The products on our website are among the most popular in Italy and meet all the needs of our customers. Here you can find different sections, such as the pasta, wine, beer, oil, tomato, organic products and many more.

  • In addition, we make shipping accessible from all over Europe and work every day to serve the rest of the world as well.