The customer will receive an e-mail confirmation when the order has been shipped. All purchases are delivered by courier from Monday to Friday, excluding public and national holidays.

Orders are generally shipped within 2 days after receiving payment. Orders placed on the website are delivered to the address specified by the customer during the purchase process in the "Shipping information" field. 


Shipping to non-EU countries

Transport costs, with collection from the Rosso Fine Food logistic platform, to non-EU countries are borne by the customer. In this case we will apply a fixed discount of 3% on the taxable amount of the invoice.

Shipping costs for orders sent to non-EU countries do not include customs duties and/or additional sales taxes, which may be necessary to import the goods in a foreign country. The amount will be notified by the courier.

Shipping to the UK

Customs clearance following Brexit may result in longer transit times than in EU countries.

Shipments containing alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are subject to excise duties within all Member States of the European Union. All excisable goods transported from one Member State to another will therefore be accompanied by the following mandatory document:

- SAD (Simplified Accompanying Document);

This documentation enables the authorities to monitor and guarantee the payment of the applicable duties and once the correct issue of the accompanying documents has been proven, the consignor (Rosso Fine Food S.r.l.) will be able to obtain the release of the guarantee sent under the excise duty suspension regime.

Therefore, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to provide support electronically or physically (where possible), so that the sender (Rosso Fine Food S.r.l.) obtains proof of the correct issuance and verification of the simplified accompanying document (SAD) by the authorised legal entity.


Shipping may be carried out by different couriers depending on the country of destination to ensure the best available rate to the customer. Rosso Fine Food is not responsible for delays that cannot be foreseen or attributed to it. Any customs duties and/or additional taxes on the sale are to be paid by the customer.

Confidential negotiations

For confidential negotiations (e.g. for orders not placed through the website, for single-product pallets or for containers), please contact our customer service: 

Mobile and WhatsApp: +39 348 5472636
Office phone: +39 085 9210097